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Prudential New Tower & Parking Garage, Newark NJ

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Prudential Tower & Parking Garage
Newark, NJ

Our client, SJP Properties Co./Prudential Financial, constructed a new 20 story, $600 million, 740,000 sf office tower in Newark, NJ with a 1,400 space parking garage, 50,000 sf retail space & art displays.

TriLogix provided the following schedule consulting services:

  • We developed a Master Schedule/Plan for the entire project in meetings with the team members to identify and expand design deliverable activities, approval processes and any additional items, as necessary.
  • We reviewed and validated the detailed CPM schedules that were submitted by the Core/Shell, Interior and Retail CM’s, to ensure that they complied with the contract documents, and included the required scope, level of detail and correct logic to effectively manage the project.
  • We attended multiple meetings on a weekly basis and updated information from all team members on a weekly basis; Perform weekly snapshots of schedule progress. We also performed walkthroughs every couple weeks to keep apprised of the status.
  • We provided monthly updates of the master schedule. And weekly high-level milestone statusing.
Assisted with any schedule delay notices during the project.