3rd Party/Master Planning

Larger scale projects require a higher level of Planning, which is why TriLogix offers Master Schedule Management services.  Our professionals focus on creating and tracking project progress from an overall perspective – coordinating Owner tasks, design and consultant schedules, along with all contractor/CM schedules, to provide our Clients with an accurate project picture.

Unlike an individual project schedule, integrated master schedules operate in coordination with the master plan to aid the Owner and project team in identifying and understanding the interrelationships between the various project teams, and when applicable, the various segments of the project.  In addition, a master schedule can also:

  • Develop milestones that integrate with a master plan
  • Provide for enhanced risk management
  • Demonstrate potential coordination issues
  • Provide greater control in multi-prime situations
  • Illustrate overall impacts of localized problems

By working directly with your project team, TriLogix offers you both the focus and the broad perspective you need to develop and manage your project plan.