CM/Contractor Construction Scheduling

TriLogix provides scheduling services to Construction Managers and General Contractors, and can provide valuable insight to and management of the project’s most valuable tool-its schedule. Working as a team with all project representatives, TriLogix utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling techniques to:

  • Develop and define a solid baseline schedule
  • Incorporate critical elements of the project-including resources, manpower and cost
  • Monitor and maintain the project schedule

Our team of scheduling experts provides top-notch independent schedule management services, devoid of bias, working side by side with our clients.  By assessing each phase individually and collectively, TriLogix helps provide the most accurate projection of the work ahead. Additionally, by defining relationships between various work plans and by compiling a comprehensive project schedule, critical activities can be identified and closely monitored and conflicts can be quickly remedied, ensuring the integrity of the overall project goals.

TriLogix believes in a hands-on approach and will visit the site during the planning phase to ensure compilation of a comprehensive baseline schedule and as frequently as deemed necessary during the life of the Project in order ensure accurate tracking of as-built information.

As the construction industry is requiring more and more stringent scheduling specifications, TriLogix will work with the Project team to ensure all scheduling requirements are met and exceeded. TriLogix uses the latest software including Primavera P6 Professional, which is often listed as a requirement in the Contract Specifications. In addition, TriLogix can assist with preparation of monthly reports including a detailed narrative and supporting schedule reports.