Peer Schedule Review

Whether you are an Owner, Developer, Financing Institution or Surety, TriLogix's team of scheduling experts can work with your project team to provide in-depth reviews of Contractor's schedules submitted for acceptance. Our reviews and analysis are focused on scope and critical path sequencing, can identify potential concerns and provide commentary on missing scope and scheduling issues, including but not limited to: omission of key schedule information, issues with sequencing and logistics, resource management, and cash flow. Once a baseline schedule is accepted, we can assist with reviewing schedule updates, analyzing changes to the schedule including: logic changes, duration changes, changes in critical and near critical paths to give a clearer picture of the potential risks in the schedule. We can review and respond to any narratives or correspondence associated with the schedule to assist with mitigation of potential delays or claims that could arise during the duration of the project

We can also support your project team by providing supplemental services, as required, including:

  • Evaluation of project status with relation to the updated schedule
  • Earned Value analysis
  • Schedule Pull Sessions and crash studies
  • Preparation of schedule narratives
  • Analysis of "what if" scenarios for change order impacts
  • Analysis of time extension requests

TriLogix customizes our services to meet your scheduling and planning needs, which can help your projects stay on schedule and ease the burden on staff, so that they can remain focused on the performance of your project.