Claims Avoidance

At TriLogix, we believe that effective claims management starts at project inception and continues through the entire project lifecycle.  While management and avoidance techniques can be employed during all phases of a project, a proactive solution implemented from the outset serves to reduce the chance of major claims and will help you successfully defend against claims when they arise.

TriLogix’s avoidance and training services provide you comprehensive and specific risk management techniques for your project.  Our team of experienced construction-industry professionals can not only provide you with the proven techniques and procedures to reduce your exposure, but they will also help you focus on the areas where there is the greatest potential for early mitigation of claims:

  • Contract Documents
  • Project Schedule
  • Change Orders
  • Reporting
  • Claim Submission Procedures

No matter the phase of your project, TriLogix can supply your project team with the effective tools for risk management and claims mitigation.