Surety / Subguard Insurance Assignments

Surety Construction Claims

Although it is somewhat rare for a surety to be involved in a construction claim, there are times when a surety cannot avoid a construction claim or lawsuit. These situations are often associated with Owner delays, negligence, interference or improper termination. TriLogix has been very successful in support of Surety claims. Our Construction Claims and Litigation Support experience is a perfect fit for helping to resolve Surety Claims.

Subguard Insurance Claims

TriLogix has been very effective when helping general contractors negotiate the amount of delay impact caused by subcontractor termination with the Subguard insurance carriers. Our Schedule Delay analysis experience is essential to negotiating with Subguard Insurance carriers.

Surety CPM Scheduling Services

TriLogix is actively involved with several CPM scheduling assignments. We work with the Surety and the replacement Contractor to schedule the completion of the project after the default or termination of the original contractor.